An ever changing, long table gathering of bringing people together.

DWELL DINNERS are long-table dinner gatherings within a dwelling, any place where one lives or stays for an amount of time.  I invite you to dwell with us tonight, where all are welcome. It is a time to come together and share life… to know each other, have fun, belong, to be alive, to discuss, be heard, and to listen, to find common interests, to be among others, and to have community. It’s essential, we all need other humans.  Each gathering will also have a one-word theme.

It is founded upon the idea that what we often lack in ourselves, we find in others, and through their own sharing of their lives. -Woven Magazine 

I am still searching in my own life. I have an idea, a passion, a need to try, test, explore. And that is what I am doing with dwell dinners. I have compiled ideas, inspiration, recipes, and quotes that resonate with me to create what I call Dwell Dinner. I need you to show me what I don’t know.  It’s as simple as that. And I want to share what I love with you through Dwell Dinner.  That is, good food, quality time, a small gift, and a unique experience. Seeking the simple joys in food, community, and real conversation. Searching for our passions, purpose, and inspiration. Growing as better humans. A place where all who desire to come are welcome.

—  Includes: local ingredients, a conversation that matters, the stories of others, and a small gift to remember the night.
—  Food Methodology: a four course meal that doesn’t always include a main dish. Primarily plant based, nourishing fats & grains, seasonally inspired. 
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Brooke Lehman is passionate about cultivating deep community, eating and making nourishing food, photographing moments, living simply, and noticing the earth.

She has a vision of connecting people through long table dinner gatherings and meaningful conversation that achieves a relational connectivity that is both purposeful and deeply satisfying. Having worked in three distinct areas in the professional, creative, a food industries she sees how everything is infinitely connected. For the past two years Dwell Dinner & Co. has fuzed those elements together to create an experience that is tailored to a specific group of people at hand, where everyone gets to know others and be known.

Brooke has a deep history in Spain ever since the age of ten. Culture and language have played a huge role in her life that have brought her where she is today. She is always seeking to learn more, make new friends, pushback on the cultural norm of society’s pressures, and innovate with the most basic of mediums- food, a table, and humans.

Her cooking style is primarily plant based with a health inspired take on traditional cuisines of the earth. She builds & creates meals my connecting the dots: ingredients + seasonality + personal taste + global cultures + trends. Not every meal has a main dish by our society's standards. Who says you can't have vegetables in every dish. Meat is never the centerpiece & often omitted completely. Meals are always made to be simple for gluten & dairy free eating styles, but does't mean that there is NO diary or gluten. Some quality dairy-ful cheese and gluten-eous sourdough bread is part of a balanced & well-lived life. A Dwell Dinner will leave you feeling satisfied and energized.

Discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes. –Marcel Proust