A compilation of stories and photos of those on the
Dwell Dinner journey & where we are today.


You’re here because we’ve probably shared a meal together. I’m so glad we did. You inspired me in more ways than you know. Now, in the midst of a pandemic, I’m at a crossroads as to what’s next. In a year where it was all planned out, four seasonal dinners all connected to a larger theme of becoming, I’m re-imagining how it can be continued.

What better way than to pause and reach back into the lives and stories of people I’ve gotten the honor to meet over the past years since Dwell Dinner began.

I want to know where you’ve been and how you’re doing. It’s an exploration of our own becoming and what's next. If you’re up for a bit of chit-chat and catching up I’d like to capture a little nugget of gold from you to compile into a book or journal if you will, that shares our collective journey.


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I want to hear from YOU & your pocket of the world, now. What’s happened in your life since your last encounter with Dwell? Maybe you went on to do the dang thing, made a new recipe, or just heard a good word and kept living life. Maybe you just want to share what you’re doing or thinking these days with another eager listener. I’m here for that.


In turn, you’ll be part of Dwell Faces… a beautiful long-format book (maybe just digitally) that takes a peek into those that have been with me on the Dwell Dinner journey. And of course, a few good eats.


To bring to the surface the photos and stories of those who have collided through Dwell but may not even know it yet. To see and connect where we all are at in life today.


Me and whoever else is interested.


Fill out the quick questionnaire above and I (Brooke) will be following up with you soon!