2020 is defining a few key elements.

Plant-based meals. 

Because creativity blossoms when there are restrictions, plus our bodies just feel better.

There might not be a main dish like a traditional meal, but there will be plenty of passed plates that are bound to inspire and taste good.

Trust that you will leave feeling the perfect amount of full.


Stories of our lives. 

It takes an open mind to listen and an open heart to share what is important in life.  What’s really happening and how we do life together, not alone.


A new friend. 

Friendship doesn’t have to be rocket science. It just means taking an original interest in the other and a reciprocated gesture. Yes, there will be awkwardness is meeting others, because you’re really meeting, not just a quick hi and bye. 


An invitation into community.

The conversation doesn’t stop at the dinner. Each quarter will have an exposure outlet to new conversation. These conversations will take place in other spaces and places within our community around a correlate topic.  



Seasons, quarters, thresholds, and boundaries.

It has a cadence, an expectation for what’s to come. Life is always happening and time must be set aside for inspiration, community, togetherness, and vulnerability. It’s part of growth process.

Throughout this process of growth there are a few necessary elements and situations we must put ourselves in.

The key elements are input and output of knowledge. The input is what we put into ourselves and consume: it’s the reading, listening, exploring, discovery, and research we do daily. The output is what we put back out into the world: the work. This happens in the creating, doing, dreaming, thinking, and speaking. It’s what we produce.

As for the social situations we must be alone in solitude, have one on one interactions, and enjoy small groups of kind humans where we can be our complete selves with no rejection.

All of these moments are what make up a year and what make up a lifetime.

Dwell Dinner at the core has always been the pursuit of life. Trying to understand where we all fit into this big world and who we are at our center. Part of that discovery is dwelling within a home and eating dinner around a table with strangers.

So join into life, into community this year.