A summer meal.

This is a quintessential summer menu, meant to make with friends. During different portions of prep, you should have ample time to have a sit, chat for a while, or be working on the next dish making it a fun meal to make with friends while also enjoying the bounty from the summer gardens and markets.



Peach Panzanella Salad with burrata or goat cheese


Chicken confit with romesco sauce 

Chicken slow-cooked to perfection with fresh lemon and thyme. Confit is a way of cooking anything that is almost fully submerged in oil. Cooked on low for about 3 hours makes for a tender and dynamic dish.

WHAT EXACTLY IS ROMESCO? Good question. It’s a wonderful savory, earthy, robust, yet delicate sauce that can complement just about anything. Pairs well with roasted vegetables, proteins (meat, lentils, garbanzos, etc), pasta, quinoa, toast. If you have a blank base and need something savory this is for you. Romesco traditionally is a fresh herb, roasted nut, roasted garlic, and tomato. We adapted our recipe from here.


Garden Succotash  

Bring your garden to the skillet. Everything can be prepped ahead and heated up on the skillet any time of day for a perfect veggie-heavy meal. Chargrilled corn, blanched verts (green beans), roasted cherry tomatoes, garlic, green onion, and some pickled shallots.


lemon almond cookie + coconut lemon ice cream

a gluten-free lemon almond coconut cookie that’s perfect when frozen (due to coconut oil), paired with vegan coconut milk lemon ice cream is a true treat. Then dip it in dark chocolate, lavender, crushed pistachios and you got yourself a true delicacy.

chocolate cookie + creme fraiche malted ice cream + cornflake crumb

this dessert will take you back to your childhood days. Tastes like an elevated ice cream sandwich.


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