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    SEPT 24TH
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This dinner is a little different.  We’ll be doing a Dwell Dinner + True Beauty Photography collaboration.  Michaela Reddel, the girl behind True Beauty is a talented photographer with a heart for people and sharing their stories.

The night will start off with a photo shoot. You will have your very own mini session of photos with Michaela that portrays your authentic self!  You’ll receive these edited pictures a week later and are free to use them how you wish. We’ll all sit down to a wonderful dinner and talk about what beauty means to each of us, what makes us confident, and how we have overcome or will continue to overcome, obstacles in these areas. It will be a raw night full of true and beautiful stories. So come open; ready to share, ready to listen and ready to leave feeling inspired to discover your own beauty.


A few words from Michaela herself…

What is beauty? Is it on the inside, outside or both? What makes a person beautiful? These are questions that I have wrestled with and are the reasons behind the making of True Beauty Photography.

I love photography because I get to capture beauty in the moment and the more I take pictures, the more I discover the unique beauty that is in every single person. But the road to believing that we are beautiful is not an easy road to navigate. We all have stories about not feeling beautiful, lacking confidence and striving to be people that we are not. But many of us also have stories of overcoming. Of looking those lies in the face and knowing the truths about ourselves. Of not just hearing that we are beautiful, but deeply believing it.

I want to collaborate with Dwell Dinner because I want to host a space and an environment to talk about this. A place where people can come together, share their stories, hear the stories of fellow women and learn that we are not alone in this journey of discovering our own beauty. SO YOU SHOULD TOTALLY SIGN UP BECAUSE IT IS GOING TO BE RAD.





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